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Founded in 1967, the San Leandro Scholarship Foundation (SLSF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that supports graduating seniors from our local San Leandro public high schools. We raise funds to grant scholarships to students headed to four-year universities, junior colleges, and trade schools. We encourage local businesses, community groups, service clubs and community members to contribute financial donations and to create specific annual scholarships that are distributed through the Foundation. 100% of donations and funds raised go towards the scholarships. In its first year, SLSF awarded a total of $1,690 in scholarships. We are currently awarding about $145,000 in scholarships each year.

Our mission is to receive funds for high school students to continue their education at an institution for higher learning.


The San Leandro Scholarship Foundation manages and facilitates the generous financial gifts of individuals, families, businesses or groups to award scholarship funds to San Leandro students graduating from a public high school. For the June 2022, we had 240 scholarships totaling $145,325. Each year, we try to increase the number of scholarship we award.

There is certainly nothing wrong with a gift to a college or university. However, a scholarship through the SLSF is more flexible. Your money is not tied to a certain university unless you want it to be. A worthy student can take the scholarship to the institution that’s right for him or her.

Some scholarships are started with one major gift and others grow over time. There’s no magic number, so don’t be intimidated. One or two thousand dollars can mean a lot to a student. The smallest new individual scholarship SLSF manages is $500. However, donations of any amount are always welcome to our General Fund.

Contact Information
 +1 (510)-289-9225
 PO Box 1151 San Leandro, 94577