Establishing a scholarship

Interested in establishing a scholarship?

Join the many businesses, organizations, individuals and non-profits that have committed to helping students achieve their dream of higher education. The San Leandro Scholarship Foundation’s focus is to administer scholarship funds for San Leandro-based high school students; we are in a unique position to guide you through the process of establishing a scholarship fund.

As a scholarship donor, you will enjoy receiving thank-you notes from the students who benefit from your generosity and you will be happy knowing that you have helped students financially to make that big step of moving beyond high school to further their education. Enjoy the personal touch our foundation provides for you, the donor as well as for our scholarship recipients.

Advantages of establishing a scholarship?

Donors (foundations, businesses and individuals) come to us because they want to give back to the San Leandro community, but there’s usually something more. Scholarships are very personal. Many of our scholarships are established to honor someone, maybe a family member or a company founder. Some people establish a scholarship in their own name in their will. For some people, it’s important that their name lives on in philanthropy after they are gone. We call that planned giving and those future gifts can be arranged today. Your gift can be based on criteria that matter to you. Maybe you love art; maybe your career in engineering is something you want to pass on. Our students send the donors Thank-you letters and it can be very rewarding to see the difference that your scholarship makes in the student’s life.

How much money do you need to start a scholarship?

Some scholarships are started with one major gift and others grow over time. There’s no magic number, so don’t be intimidated. One or two thousand dollars can mean a lot to a student. The smallest new individual scholarship SLSF manages is $500. However, donations of any amount are always welcome to our General Fund.

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